December 12, 2022

4 year old daughter fever and persistent cough


I’m looking for advice from the group. My daughter (unvaxxed) has been absent from school with the flu since since last Tuesday. She’s been running a fever on and off since then, along with a persistent cough. Her other symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea) have since abated. I have split custody of her and my ex, concerned over the continuing fever, cough, loss of appetite (but still enough of an appetite to be requesting food and eating some), along with the prospect of her missing more school, then proceeded to take her to urgent care on Saturday and started giving her Tylenol for the fever. She took her in to the doctor today, who prescribed an antibiotic for her to take for 10 days.
I really don’t want any additional chemical drugs burdening her system. I preferred to allow her system to cleanse itself and detox through rest and letting the fever run its course.
My wishes on this matter were not respected, obviously. I’m really annoyed. And of course I’m considered the villian and reckless if I were to discontinue the antibiotic. I know taking drugs and antibiotics do not restore health. Besides the obvious of just allowing her system to work as nature intended to allow her body to eliminate whatever toxins her system is burdened with, is there anything else I can do for her given these constraints I’m under? How concerned should I be? Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.


Terrain answer:

If we eat when the body is fevering, even eating fruits we extend the fever and draw out the suffering. If we poison the body while it is in fever with fever reducers and antibiotics we can push the body into pneumonia and even death.
It’s always difficult to help when your partner is not interested in learning. The best thing you can do is ask questions in order to draw attention to the poisoning of the body. Ask those who want to apply the poisons why the body has created the fever? Ask what function the body uses fever for, if they don’t know then you have an opportunity to explain why.
You can also try printing out some of the relevant pages from the Life Science Course. Sometimes reading materials for themselves is much more helpful then hearing it from us.