December 12, 2022

8 years old throwing up


Hi to everyone.
Could you please advise me a bit.
Our son 8 years old, has prior never been sick and had never had problems. Starting 2 weeks ago, he has very much air in his stomach, I can hear him swallowing every few seconds and he had been throwing up many times. We had like few peaceful days and yesterday he threw up 2 times again. He says he does not feel nausea.
I was giving him camomile tee, fennel tee, banana, apples… he is not quite eater so his diet is limited to few things.
Any ideas what could help or any possible causes?
Ps-no other symptoms. No fever and he is still in good mood and playful.


Terrain answer:

Fennel tea and cammomile tea are both drugging herbs which are toxic to the body and can cause digestive issues. See the file on herbs here:
It could be a food combining issue. You can read more about food combining here: