December 12, 2022

A lifelong friend of my own 31...


A lifelong friend of my own 31 year old daughter,a young woman who is like a daughter and very dear to me,discovered some lumps on her neck.She took herself to the doctor,has had numerous “diagnostic” “tests”.Yesterday,she told me she “tested” “positive” for “cat scratch fever”.also,they brought up the “C” word.But she’s a smart woman,with a generally healthy,positive attitude towards life,and she wasn’t at all listening to them about the “C” word. she has a history of taking in feral cats,and she completely believes the “diagnosis” from the “experts”.i would never advise her to give up her rescue efforts,which i know she would never do anyway,as she is a dedicated animal lover.i do understand that human beings do not “catch” any illness from our feline pets.if she is willing to accept it,i want to give her some information.does anyone have any encouraging words? experience helping someone in this situation?
2/9/2022:O.P. update: basically,this new information has little effect on how i am attempting to help Samantha,but there have been some changes since i submitted this post last week.yesterday,she said that she is being told that “all fingers are pointing at lymphoma”,and a “biopsy is needed”.i have advised her that,contrary to popular belief,she does not HAVE TO (and in fact should not) undergo this procedure.honestly,i had thought she grasped the information that the lumps were a symptom of her body natural self healing,but now it seems like the “white coats” have managed to scare her in to a’s her body,her choice,and now i can only continue to offer her love and encouragement and better choices,when she’s willing to be open to them.


Terrain answer:

Looking at the symptoms of “Cat Scratch Fever” we can see that they are just normal detox responses: