December 19, 2022

A Question about Preeclampsia


My friend is expecting and she’s has troubles carrying to term in the past.
The other day her doctor recommended she start taking aspirin daily on the assumption or prevention of preeclampsia.
He assumed she should do this because of her age. She’s 42.
I thought I would look in this group about preeclampsia but came up empty handed.
I don’t think she should be taking aspirin if there’s no real need?


Terrain answer:

I wish more people would simply read the warning labels on the pills. We could avoid so much pain and suffering if people just read the labels instead of thinking the product is safe.
Preeclampsia is a dietary issue which can be fully corrected and avoided by returning to the natural diet. It is a result of a long term high protein diet, like most disease conditions are.
Being an older mother it is even more important for her diet to be as ideal as possible, not only for her own health but because growing a child takes a lot of resources and a cooked food diet starves the body of those nutrients.
I would recommend that she read “The Hygienic Care of Children” which also talks about pregnancy and creating a healthy child. There is a PDF copy here: