December 7, 2022

A useful file to share with an...

A useful file to share with any family and friends who are considering getting the jab. 172 pages listing the Adverse Events which have happened already with the Vx. Its only been a few weeks and keep in mind that even though Adverse Event reporting is legally mandated, the actual reporting rates are very low and a large percentage of medical staff do not even know that they are mandated to report!
“Yet, OIG [Office of Inspector General] found that hospital staff did not report 86 percent of events to incident reporting systems. Previous explanations for low reporting levels include the following: (1) staff do not have time, (2) staff fear punitive action, and (3) staff do not believe that reports will lead to improvement. However, this report found that the low level of reporting is also due partly to hospital staffs’ lack of understanding as to what constitutes patient harm.”
So realistically this is under 20% of the actual adverse events.