December 14, 2022

A young baby nasty cough and snotty nose


I have a tricky predicament.
I’m a foster parent to a young baby. She has developed a nasty cough and snotty nose, which I suspect is as a result of her going in a swimming pool for the first time yesterday (against my wishes, but it’s complex because whilst she is related to me, we are foster parents and cannot go against the “system” which is hugely broken, but I digress).
Because of said social services system, we have to follow the “rules” and that includes medical care.
Tonight my partner has already given the baby Calpol (you know, to “help” ‍♀️ ). Also, if we didn’t seek medical attention at the doctors in a couple of days if she was still suffering, questions would be asked, and quite honestly I think she’d be removed from our care if I tried to explain that the best thing to do is nothing
I realise this is a very specific situation i’m in, and perhaps there isn’t an easy solution. Any words of wisdom on how I can support her little body to expel whatever is going on inside?


Terrain answer:

We teach the ideal, but that doesn’t mean we can always meet the ideal. There are so many factors that affect how well we can do day to day, situation to situation. The goal is though to learn what the most ideal things are so that we can do the least harm. Sometimes the least harm means choosing the least damaging of a selection of non-ideal choices. Luckily our bodies are resilient and can take a lot of abuse. Just do your best to make the least burden choices that will satisfy the other parties. If they won’t allow fasting, then don’t fight and put yourself in a position to lose the ability to help in the long term. Keep the long view front and center. If they won’t allow fasting, can you do just juice or breastmilk? If they want solid foods can you do just fruits? Can you feed less? Can you help the child rest more? If they insist on medication, can you get them to agree to maybe an herbal medicine that would be less concentrated than a pharma drug? Just try to make the best of the situation while you slowly introduce concepts to those around you.
These things have to fall by degrees with others that are not actively studying and seeking to educate themselves. It’s easy to alienate others with our excitement or to overwhelm them.