December 12, 2022

Adding eggs to salad?


Why does Herbert Shelton mention adding eggs to salad as protein? page 246 The Science & Fine Art of Nutrition I
I am soooo confused, i thought eggs were incredibly mucus foaming/ create lots of inflammation. Aren’t Meat/Dairy/Eggs the worst things to eat? And then he mentions not to eat spinach?
Trying to learn and get my head around this all but the information seems to be slightly cherry picked?
And his death also makes me question his methods……… Dr Sebi seems to be a better example? (minus all the pills he was peddling, but he lived longer and in better health). This would be much easier to understand if the author of the books lived to over 100 in amazing health.


Terrain answer:

It’s best to read the book all the way through so you can understand the complete context of the work. On pg 246 Shelton say IF eggs – this is because he wrote the book with options for people who are transitioning but not yet ready to give up all of their bad habits. So he says “If eggs are to be added to a salad this should be done only when eggs are
to be used as the protein at a protein meal.” Which is explaining that if a person chooses to continue to keep that particular bad habit, the best ways to include eggs would be if they are the only protein present – in other words don’t do eggs and cheese, or eggs and nuts, just do eggs, as its less of a burden on the body. He’s further reiterating food combining principles which allow those who have bad dietary habits to lessen the burden of those habits.