December 7, 2022

ADDITIONAL INFO – I was on fru...


ADDITIONAL INFO – I was on fruits for over a year and ended up severely malnourished, so had to add some veggies, dark greens and supplements as I could hardly walk. I never measured anything, did not have tests but lately realised that I have been having sugar spikes all this time. But it does not seem to be that bad, I would love to hear from experienced fruitarians about their BS levels after years being on fruits. Maybe my levels are normal afterall.
Dear fruit people, please, help to understand how blood sugar levels change after the body cleans itself for a few years. I would love to hear from those who have been on fruits for 3 or more year, could you kindly share any information you might have about blood sugar 30 minutes after eating, 2 hours after eating, 4 after eating, fasting blood sugar. Asking since the big pharma standards are not reliable from my understanding and I have been experiencing what they call sugar spikes, thank you!


Terrain answer:

No one can sustain on fruits alone as that is not the natural human diet. However it would take many decades for symptoms of deficiency to occur eating only fruits.