December 19, 2022



Lauren Whiteman Can you please tell what is adenoids and is there something we can do to clear them naturally?


Terrain answer:

Adenoids are a part of the lymphatic system. Their purpose is to process waste to prepare it for expulsion. We clear them by returning to the natural human diet and avoiding creating a burden of waste in the body.
Enlarged or swollen adenoids are most common in children who are bottle fed and those who eat a high mucus forming diet, particularly including dairy based food like substances. When adenoids become enlarged it is because the body has been in a chronic state of toxicosis.
These organs are crucial to the detoxification of the body and should never be removed. Instead we should address the cause of the back up of waste inside the system and when the waste load is lightened the swelling will naturally go down because they will no longer be full of waste and irritants which make them swell.