December 12, 2022

Advice for an earache in a chi...


Advice for an earache in a child? Well adult also. My son doesn’t have one right now but he does have a runny nose and says his ear seems blocked like he can’t hear out of it. In the past when he has had congestion he developed an earache and went on anyobiotica. I did get garlic oil drops in case it ever happens again but that was before I started looking into terrain theory. I obviously wouldn’t want to do the antibiotics again so basically looking for advice for pain relief from this if it happens again. Thanks!
*I did a facial massage exercise on him to relieve his sinuses and it helped the blocked ear feeling he was having. All better


Terrain answer:

Hot packs at the back of the neck can help the body move those fluids and lymph down out of the head which limits how much they are draining out the ears. Eating minimally or fasting can help the body to clear out that ear fluid much more quickly, preventing it from getting to a point of pain.