December 12, 2022

Allopathic medicine is dead in...


Allopathic medicine is dead in the bedpan, virology is increasingly isolated, and we want something new!
So the attraction of German New Medicine is obvious. Backed by some sound science it implies, though doesn’t claim, an end to human health related suffering, but what does it really offer?
For many existing medical practitioners a shift to GNM offers a way to capitalise on established qualification for credibility, and ensure continue status and livelihood.
For its advocates it offers kudos and status by providing some complex and wordy Special Knowledge which can paraded on social media, a chance to be at the cutting edge of New Science, and to appear clever and special.
Whilst espousing all the right-on elements of holism, oneness, and responsibility, GNM actually retains the very practitioner/patient, “science and technology”, relationship we need to move beyond if we are ever going to take responsibility for our own wellbeing, and thereafter, for the wellbeing of others.
But what does GNM offer for the people?
Frankly, not a great deal. It’s therapeutic thrust focuses on helping cancer sufferers overcome fear, and avoid chemotherapy and poisoning by allopathic medicine.. because cancer is usually “curable”.. thus saving lives. This, it can doubtless do.
But GNM expressly excludes “poisoning” from its remit and makes no dietary recommendations at all, when toxins are the primary cause of sickness, and diet the primary cause of internal toxicity. We are without question what we eat, and since it’s this, and to a lesser degree, environmental toxicity, that are killing us doesn’t it make more sense to work to change our dietary habits and detoxify our environment according to the principles of Terrain Model & Natural Hygiene, than pick up the few being scared to death by allopathic medicine, via GNM? Of course we must do our best to overcome the horrors of chemo and poisonous pharmaceuticals but fear is only a part of the paradigm.. poison is the key.
So do we really need GNM ?
Frankly, not much.
Sure it provides valuable insights into the relationship between brain and organ, but with regard to the third member of GNM’s disease fraternity, psyche, which it considers the subconscious element of this relationship.. the central notion being that all disease is the result of biological shock.. then crebility stretches. It’s always easier to invoke an intangible to justify your position!
Of course, exactly the same relief of fear and avoidance of the ills of modern medicine comes from a sound understanding of Terrain Model & Natural Hygiene. TM provides a simple to understand, logical and coherent view of health that accords perfectly with the natural imperatives of economy and efficiency, and where possible symbiosis, and is easy to adopt, will resolve your ailments and make you well.. to the point where you can be liberated from all your health concerns. The corporate world stands to gain nothing from Terrain Model & Natural Hygiene so you won’t find it promoted other than by those who have no agenda beyond human wellness, and a thorough understanding of it, and an appreciation of its efficacy, aren’t going to drop in your lap.. you have to look for yourself..the first step perhaps towards taking responsibility for yourself, but the claims of its followers speak for themselves.
Terrain Model & Natural Hygiene offers the way beyond the current, and GNM dynamic, wherein there exists some higher authority.. the doctor, the custodian of the special knowledge.. and it allows you to take charge and responsibility for your own health..a case of Patient, Heal Thyself.
Face with the impenetrability and copyrighted acronyms of German New Medicine, versus the transparency of Terrain Model & Natural Hygiene, I suspect the good friar Occam must be laughing up his handily voluminous sleeve!


Terrain answer:

GNM may be the most anti-terrain model disinformation that I have seen yet.