December 7, 2022

Although the posts are sometim...

Although the posts are sometimes long, the core concepts are quite simple.
1. Our bodies are self cleaning and self healing.
2. Disease is created by what we eat, drink and breath.
3. Health is created by what we eat, drink and breath.
4. You cannot poison a body back to health.
5. The symptoms of “disease” are the bodies ATTEMPTS to clean itself. (Often unsuccessful because we interfere by attempting to poison the body back to health with remedies and then do not remove the cause of our troubles after the cleaning event, our diet.)
6. Healing occurs when we remove the CAUSE of disease.
7. You cannot solve any problems in life by ignoring the CAUSE of the problem and attempting to suppress the symptoms. To solve a problem you must remove the CAUSE. And so with the body, when we remove the CAUSE of disease, the wrong foods we are consuming, then the disease conditions gradually reduce or are eliminated.
8. Colds and Flus are body cleaning events.
9. “Infections” are body cleaning events.
10. When the body reaches a point where it cannot clean itself fast enough, then cellular destruction begins to occur. At this point the symptoms of disease are no longer cleaning symptoms but symptoms of degeneration. Degeneration can in most cases be reversed or rebuilt if the CAUSE of the disease conditions are removed.
11. ALL Dis-ease, LACK of EASE in the body is the same conditions of Toxemia/Toxicosis on a sliding scale. The difference between the symptoms of one “disease” and the symptoms of another “disease” are just the state of clean or dirty of the Terrain combined with the bodies rate of ability to clean itself and any impediment to function of the self cleaning processes in that area of the body. When one organ is sick, the entire organism is sick.