January 2, 2023

Another root canal?


My dentist wants to give me another root canal, and since eating this way my teeth are getting much much worse. Is there anything I can do to avoid another root canal?


Terrain answer:

You can avoid a root canal by simply declining a root canal. There is no benefit to a root canal on any diet.
As for your teeth, it’s extremely important that we eat our greens and chew them regularly. At least 1 pound a day or about 50% by volume of your food should be leafy greens. It’s also important to limit nuts and seeds as they will damage our teeth. Also, lots of smoothies and drinking juices can damage our teeth.
Teeth need exercise to stay strong. Often when people transition they lean heavily on smoothies and juices and they don’t exercise their teeth enough with big bowls of leaves. In the wild, all frugivores eat heavily of leaves and chew them thoroughly.
Also, if the teeth have old damage, such as fillings, the body will often try to push the fillings out and shed dead teeth, so if the tooth was already damaged the body will want to expel it. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot that can be done in those cases since the teeth are already dead.