December 12, 2022

Any suggestions on a natural r...


Any suggestions on a natural remedy for a tooth infection to avoid antibiotics?


Terrain answer:

Infection is germ theory mythology. The body creates bacteria and puts them into place intelligently and purposely to break down waste. If there is a tooth abscess or other inflammation it is most likely because there is a small amount of debris in the tooth, gum, or other areas which is causing irritation. The body puts the bacteria in place to break down that debris and remove the irritation. Using a water flosser can be very helpful in keeping the teeth free from debris and getting any small bits of debris out. If you can not get a water flosser or the area is too painful then swish thoroughly with warm water, not boiling, just warm. Swish for 5 to 10 minutes at a time several times per day until the pain is gone. Fast until the pain has cleared completely.