December 12, 2022

Anyone seen these before?? (No...


Anyone seen these before?? (Not the bruises) the tiny red spots. They look like burst blood vessels but pin points.
Edited: I just had my 4th child 1 year ago. I am still breastfeeding. I had a very traumatic birth and needed a blood transfusion. I’ve been sick since. I’ve lost 120lbs. My dr is doing labs on me and I am so scared. These red dots first appeared on my breasts and now my legs. NO VACCINES. I also just moved out of a moldy house. My iron is 42. I’ve been taking lots of vitamins lately.


Terrain answer:

There are a number of different medical labels that these could potentially fall under like petichia but the label itself is not really important. What is important is understanding why they are happening and what creates them.