February 17, 2022

Apart from the obvious, what is going on with the...


Apart from the obvious, what is going on with the body during menopause? I just watched a youtube video that states we need HRT, oestrogen patches and there’s all sorts of miserable symptoms that can go on for years. Have to say I’m a little shook at the awful reports from nearly all female commenters. I am considering using organic soy just to stock up on extra estrogen


Terrain answer:

Soy is not a human food.

The painful and disturbing symptoms of menopause are not normal or natural, they are just common. They are as common as Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease, and equally as much a reflection of the extremely sick society we live in.

These symptoms are conditions of disease just like menstrual bleeding, cramping and PMS symptoms are not normal or natural and are symptoms of the disease conditions that most people’s bodies are in.

When one returns to the natural human diet, as long as they are not overeating on overt fats there will be no cramps, little to no bleeding during menstruation, no PMS symptoms. When menopause does occur it will be a painless process.

Menopause, the cessation of fertility is a natural process found in a wide range of animals as well as humans, however the discomfort of menopause like all other disease conditions/symptoms is not natural.

One plausible hypothesis for the existence of menopause is call the Grandmother hypothesis, in which scientists posit that there reaches a time where the woman’s value is higher in caring for her grandchildren and keeping them safe then in reproducing, due to the fact that over time the grandmother becomes more and more related to her village group. In other words, to avoid inbreeding. There is also data to suggest that survival rates of some species are higher when there is a grandmother to help watch over the young and pass down wisdom. If the grandmother is still giving birth their focus will be on the infant, rather than the next generation.


Group participants comments:

I could be wrong, I think the issues lie within iodine deficiency and possibly adrenal fatigue. Ultimately nutritional deficiencies.

This is not Robert’s comment
When I started menopause, it was driving me crazy and it’s only once I changed my diet that I no longer have symptoms. You need to look into your diet.

Menopause is a normal and natural process. The medical industry has decided to treat it as a disease so they can profit from it. I sailed through it with minimal symptoms through diet/nutrition, attitude and chiropractic care to maintain physical and physiological balance. I am opposed to HRT as it is unnatural, especially Premarin, produced by torturing horses (keeping mares perpetually pregnant to harvest their urine while killing the millions of foals so they don’t interrupt the ongoing process). I didn’t need it and am completely opposed to animal torture, but if one needs some relief, l like the suggestion to use wild yam.

Soy is toxic even when its organic better is organic fermented soy still toxic though, but not as bad as non fermented. Personally I wouldn’t touch soy at all.

ive been in change off life a year now none atall…but glad…had the odd spotting im 48 ..

I haven’t had any bad symptoms at all. If you read up on Soy, it’s not good at all for you. Blocks your thyroid receptors. I haven’t taken any hormone replacement therapy and I’m about 95% symptom free.

Soy. . Not fit for human consumption.

I dont know whether I’ve gone through the menopause or not. I am in my 50s and was having regular periods until August 2015. I had a yellow fever vaccination as was going travelling in south america and havent had a period since.

Just don’t take PREMARIN whatever symptoms you have it doesn’t justify torturing horses!

I think there is a lot of brainwashing around this subject, I just refused to do it, if I had a hot flush which was very rare, I went out for a long walk which always cured it.

I wonder if the menopause will become worse due to the side affects of the convid jab but may assume it’s just down to hormones.

I know of 2 (jabbed) women who have recently hysterectomies. I wonder whether although they were suffering prior to being jabbed, have the symptoms increased/become worse since being jabbed!

I’ve been vegan for almost 20 years and never experienced menopause symptoms other than my cycle quitting.

I dont eat a perfect diet, but my motto is avoid sugar, wheat, dairy, meat. Dont smoke, very little alcohol. Avoid processed foods. Hardly any menopause symptoms at all.

I’ve had zero menopause symptoms
My periods stopped at 50 and that was that.

If you listen to mainstream you would think pregnancy and childbirth are torture yet it is the most beautiful and serene experience you could ever have. Don’t believe anything. Sick people feel sick. If you have a healthy lifestyle, diet and mindset you will probably find it very empowering

All my symptoms disappeared when I switched to plant based at 50, seven years later and they’ve never come back. I don’t take any pharmaceuticals or over the counter or homeopathic remedies either.

Joanne Jarvis

I think maybe the more you mess with your body hormonally when younger maybe the more negative symptoms you might experience later? I don’t know I’m just basing this on what I’ve seen. My grans generation didn’t seem to suffer symptoms as much as my mums generation who were the first to use hormonal contraception and things like that. Or maybe they just didn’t feel as able to discuss it as freely as we do now

just reading earlier flax is good for estrogen…personally I experienced sadness but mostly because I had always wanted another child

I have not followed the terrain model yet only just started researching it, but don’t believe all the horror stories about the menopause, I have always followed a healthy lifestyle exercise etc and I didn’t suffer any of the so called symptoms, it is not inevitable.

Well, I really thought I’d sail through, given my super healthy diet and lifestyle for the last 30+ years. Nope. I’m not horribly miserable, but I actually have more discomfort than my (relatively unhealthy) mother ever did. It’s an individual thing, and a mystery. A big, fat, irritating mystery. Surely the body should be able to lose hormones without all the horrible side effects, and @FIFTY! That’s not even old!

Women need this vital hormone , when we go through menopause they are basically hormone deficient. Ask yourself why more women than men are in nursing homes? Oestrogen is vital for brain health.

I had a really easy menopause, just longer gaps between periods and a lighter flow. When I ate poorly (Sugar, caffeine, alcohol) I had lots of hot flushes (20-30 a day) and night sweats. And when I ate better and took nourishing herbs like nettle infusions then they reduced. I felt very much in control and actually enjoyed the hot flushes it felt like stepping into my power, and as if time and the moment stood still. I eat a plant based diet with lots of home grown produce.

Pretty sure plant oestrogen does not work at all in the same way human produced oestrogen does-or all Asian cultures who consume a lot would have an effect.

I believe that menstruation is the body detoxing of what it no longer requires. Much like menstruation and post pregnancy, it’s our body cycling through/shifting to a new program (where we won’t have more children) and healing.
Using HRT I would thing will slow and prolong the issues.

My mum and grandma had no symptoms of menopause, and they weren’t even on a fruit based diet.

Said simply from a mentor of mine: she ate her way sterile

I have had the hot flushes for a few years. Some very hot & sweaty, but would not even consider any meds.

I am 56 – I had an endometrial ablation done about 14 years ago. I have no idea if I went through menopause or not. I have never had any of the “symptoms” of menopause. But none of my female relatives ever experienced “symptoms” either. And none of them ate a species specific diet.

If you keep your liver clean and healthy. Your liver will balance your hormones better. It is your liver that helps regulate and balance hormones.

I’m going through it as nature intended as did my mum.

At the moment the media seem to making menopause to be a major worry and ‘illness’ that needs ‘treatment’. I did not experience any of the usually reported ‘symptoms’. It is a natural process. Adding more toxic ‘remedies’ would seem to be counter-productive.

Avoid soy

neither menstruation, nor menopause exist in clean female bodies, ie those who eat our species appropriate frugivore diet and generally live in accordance to natural laws.

what we are taught to view as menopause symptoms (or menstruation symptoms) are in actual fact symptoms of toxicity; in turn caused mainly by a lifetime of inappropriate foods.
all you have to do is revert to our natural diet, and not worry about hormone replacement and related medical narrative.

I think “menopause” is just another medical industry “disease” label,which,of course,according to them,females should expect to experience,and need “treatment” for.personally,I experienced almost none of the “symptoms” of “menopause” and it was almost as if it didn’t even happen,except for not bleeding anymore

I would read biology of belief by Bruce Lipton and shift your story around menopause there are a lot of people that have positive experiences. Maybe bring in some practices that support like womb steaming. I like what she has to say on the topic https://www.instagram.com/jaguarwomban/?hl=en

I’m going to be 59 soon and have not yet entered menopause, but I would NOT recommend soy as it creates a host of problems by itself.

Soy is all GMO in the US

Menopause rare in Japan because of soy intake I think

I wonder if women from non industrialised societies experience menopause in the same way as women from the developed world? I imagine that there would be a vast difference.

A question I’ve been wanting to ask! What alternative foods etc would substitute HRT, I’ve had everything removed so artificially full on immediate menopause induced at the age of 38 so a huge shock to the body.

It is my understanding that we need to balance estrogen with progesterone. Too much estrogen causes a host of problems.

Excess estrogen creates more problems than it helps. Menopause needn’t be a major trial in fact it can be symptom free except for the obvious LACK of symptoms like bleeding, cramps, food sensitivities many women experience when menstruating

I’ll let others comment on your first question, but as for HRT, it’s not needed. What’s needed is the species appropriate diet. When we eat cooked foods, especially meat/grains/dairy our body becomes acidic, including the endocrine system. When that happens, hormones production and regulation changes to try and deal with the acidity, this causes our hormones to be thrown off for lack of better words. When we cut out the junk, over time hormone production returns to what it should be.

Western medicine always looks at women’s health…each stage of it, as disease…Its sort of depressing…Years of negative programming….views of women…Soy is not great for the thyroid tho….