October 28, 2022

Apologies if I’m off topic or this is not allowe...


Apologies if I’m off topic or this is not allowed.

I have a question regarding toxic mould. Been living (renting in NSW) in a house with mould for 8 years, due to all the damp this spring I have had a massive reaction 2 weeks straight of asthma attacks and dark botches all over my skin.

My mum is freaking out. Moving is not an option. I’m a single mum with no resources – no money, no friends or family for support near by.

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place but I know it’s slowly killing me.

I just don’t know what to do anymore, I’m a single person with no help available. So what do I do?


Terrain answer:

While mold is not a primary cause of disease it can be an irritant especially if a lot of it is getting airborne in the home or is being pushed through the ventilation system.

There are a few inexpensive things you can do to help the situation. One, sleep with the windows open so you are getting fresh air at night. Two, clean all surfaces with undiluted white vinegar to kill the mold. Three, leave the windows open as often as possible to get fresh air into the house as often as possible. Four make everything else you can control the best it can be, so that means making your diet as clean and raw as you can so the body is not already in a state of overburden. Avoid adding anything else toxic to the indoor air – that means no candles, no incense, no essential oils, no detergents with strong scents, no air fresheners or harsh cleaning chemicals, etc.

Getting an air filter for your room or wherever you spend the most time in the house would also be a good idea if you can afford it. Here in the US they cost about $40-50.

Getting the body clean and the neurological issues addressed internally to get rid of the asthma would also go a long way to improving the severity of your reactions to the mold. The body should react to mold even in a healthy body, but those reactions should be a minor irritation, not an asthma attack.


Group participants comments:

Maybe the problem is not directly due to the mold, but maybe due to breathing polluted air for an extended period of time. If the mold is in a confined place, maybe it pollutes the air. Maybe you need to get more fresh air, and check your oxygen levels.: Spposedly a randomized control study was done. >>>>What does the “real” scientific evidence about mould exposure tell us?
In 2004, a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial was conducted to see what happens when mould-sensitive people inhaled spores from the pathogenic moulds, P. chrysogenum, T. harzianum, or a placebo. They inhaled spores for 6 minutes per day, over 3 separate days under controlled conditions.
None of the participants experienced any adverse symptoms. They remained completely healthy.
This was the first experiment ever conducted exposing people to mould (via inhalation), and there doesn’t seem to be any experiments like it since.
If this is the only human challenge experiment, it means that the current weight of scientific evidence suggests inhalation of mould spores in humans, does not cause illness.
This post isn’t meant to triviliase or detract from people who become ill when living in mould infested homes. What it is meant to do is get people thinking that maybe there is another cause.
Perhaps it’s the toxic chemicals released from building material in damp humid conditions? Many controlled experiments have been undertaken causing symptoms identical to “mould-related illness” when people inhale these toxic chemicals.


Rachel Blanton

I would use a homeopathic mold mix. Helios sells one called mix molds. Plus all of the above:)

Isabelle King hi.
I’m in QLD. La Nina is epic the last 2 years.
Go down to Kmart and buy this and run it 24/7 for a few weeks.
No moisture = No mold

Start by joining this FB group, it is called Mold Avoiders. Also Toxic Mold Support group and Mold Avoidance Community.

get out of there. ….wake up

Your landlord/rental agent should be sorting this out. Legally it’s their responsibility surely?!

Open the windows

It’s the mould spores that are irritating your airway. Ventilation and using bleach on the visible mould will significantly reduce the amount of spores in the atmosphere in your house

cut open onions and leave around the house regularly. the absorb the mould spores. wash surfaces with vinegar. ventilate

Pau D’ Arco

Lots of sun. Sweat when possible. Clean water.

Are there any regulations that protect you as a renter where your landlord can be forced to fix the issue at their cost? Might want to investigate your options that direction

Are you eating all fruit/raw? I have found that I have less reactions to things like mold since changing my eating.

You have your kids in that house?