December 19, 2022

Are biopsies necessary?


Are biopsies necessary? I have something growing on the white part of my left eyeball and I’ve seen an ocular oncologist who doesn’t think it’s amyloid and wants to do a biopsy to confirm that it’s not an indicator of lymphoma. I had be been getting regular, monthly, bloodshot in that eye but hose have tapered off esp since I’ve stopped gluten, alcohol and chocolate. I’m going to stop onions and garlic as those are irritants. Thoughts?


Terrain answer:

A biopsy is an injury to the body in order to provide information for a diagnosis. A diagnosis is a label put on a collection of symptoms. Symptoms are not disease, there is only one disease toxemia/toxicosis. Symptoms are just messages from the body to let us know that we are not putting the conditions of health into place.
We can get a biopsy and get a diagnosis but ultimately you have to ask yourself what is the end goal of either? Do you follow the “treatment” plan and work against the body? Or do you listen to the body and put the conditions of health into place so the body can make repairs.
Biopsies are necessary in the medical field because they are one of the tools they use to make a diagnosis. They legally need a diagnosis to sell you their patented poisons (Definition of medicine is poison) in the appropriate dosage.
Do you need a biopsy to see that your body is not operating normally and the conditions of health are not being supplied? Does a biopsy help you to put the conditions of health into place?