September 12, 2021

Are viruses parasites and why? I’ve read conflicti...


Are viruses parasites and why? I’ve read conflicting answers. Some say Yes while others say No. If they are not parasites, what is the difference between parasite and a virus? Is it similar to a protozoa? And what is the current theory & good explanation about what Sars-Cov2 is?


Terrain answer:

in my view, no viruses are not parasites

Dr Stefan Lanka established that he was able to produce virus material in a lab setting by simply taking tissue and exposing the tissue to antibiotics

This indicates that virus material is not contagious and does not necessarily self-replicate – i.e., they are not parasites, they are cellular debris emitted when cells are in great distress and dying because their environment is too toxic


Group participants comments:

Viruses do not exist at all.

The genomes are constructed “in silico” from a toxic impure cell culter gene fragments to match whatever template is loaded.

Viruses are non-living protein balls created by a cell to cleanse it of toxins.

Parasites are living creatures, some good, most bad.

VĂ­rus are exosomes celular debris.