December 19, 2022



Can arthritis be cured ? Reversed?
My son got diagnosed with it at 3 always been an issue all his life he is now 21 nearly
Thank you


Terrain answer:

Arthritis can certainly be reversed, however, if there is extensive bone deformation that has been caused some of that bone deformation may not repair. It just depends on how much energy the body has, how much vitality the body has left, and how much burden we lift. A young person who returns to the natural diet and utilizes fasting as needed would be very likely to heal everything because their young body has lots of vitality. An older person with extensive bone remodeling would be able to get rid of the inflammation and chronic pain but might not have the vitality to rebuild the bones back to their natural shape.
Any disease label which ends in “itis” simply means inflammation in the area of the body mentioned in the first half of the word. So Arthritis is arthron for joint plus itis for inflammation. The body creates inflammation wherever there is a back of up acidic waste. So the more burden we can lift, the faster the body can expel the backup of waste and get the body back to normal operating parameters.