December 7, 2022

As a 104-pound woman, I can li...

As a 104-pound woman, I can lift 70-80 pounds without struggle. I regularly carry 40-pound banana boxes and 50-pound bags of cement. Yet every day I hear people say, “if you don’t eat meat you will be weak and sickly,” “aren’t you worried about protein deficiency?” or “my doctor told me I would be protein deficient if I ate that way.”
Meanwhile, everyone walking around stuffing themselves with protein is in pain, gets heart disease, cancer, diabetes, needs surgeries, is “throwing out their back”, is on medications, or has some other symptoms of disease. Let’s talk a little about why, so maybe the human race can stop destroying itself and committing slow painful suicide one bite at a time.
Protein vs Amino Acids
Amino acids are the building blocks the body uses to create proteins. The body requires amino acids, not proteins, the body makes its own proteins.
When we consume a complete protein it is not in a usable form, so the body has to work hard to break that protein down into its amino acids. When we eat cooked proteins most of the amino acids are damaged in the cooking process, so the body will need to expel those amino acids that are damaged and make use of the small amount left over that it can.
This process utilizes a lot of energy and is highly inefficient.
Our natural foods, fruits, and leafy greens, on the other hand, contain amino acids in the exact structure required for use by the body. The body requires no work to be done on the amino acids to get them into a usable form.
This means getting our amino acids from our natural foods, fruits, and leafy greens, wastes no energy.
Building Strong Muscles
Muscle tissue is not built based on the amount of protein you put into your body. Muscle is built based on use. We must use our muscles to build the muscles.
When we use our muscles the body requires first and foremost, a significant amount of energy, which comes in the form of carbohydrates (ideally from fruit sugars). Then the body needs a small amount of protein which it creates out of amino acids.
If you eat complete proteins, like animal tissues the body doesn’t turn that protein into muscle it turns it into amino acids, and then it turns the amino acids into the correct types of proteins which are appropriate for your body.
You are not a chicken or a cow so your body cannot use chicken or cow proteins, they are not structured in the same way that a human protein is. So when you consume chicken or cow tissue the body must break down those tissues before anything usable can be salvaged.
This is why all-natural human foods contain amino acids but no complete proteins. Our natural foods are energy-rich, supplying carbohydrates, our fuel source that runs every cell in the body. But they are also easily digested and assimilated which means they also help the body conserve energy, which gives us more energy left over to build muscle.
The more energy that is available, the more the body can build, repair, replace and rebuild.
So let’s talk about what drains our energy next. Digestion is one of the largest energy drains on the body. Therefore, the more time it takes to digest a food, the less energy is available for the body to use elsewhere. Fruits take anywhere from 30 minutes to about 4 hours to exit the stomach. Quick, efficient digestion, easy elimination, low energy drain. Animal tissues take from 8-24 hours or longer to exit the stomach. This is because we are not physiologically adapted to tissue digestion and our system has to work very hard to break down those proteins. That’s a huge drain on our energy.
Then we can look at elimination. Food must be approximately 85% water to move through our long, twisting digestive tract without causing constipation and dehydration, taking water from the cells for elimination. Fruits range from 80% to 92% water. Leafy greens are up to 96% water. Animal tissues are approximately 75% water and lose up to 25% water upon cooking, bringing them down to 50% water. So at best eating raw chicken is going to dehydrate you just in the elimination process. You will have to replace 10% of the water by sacrificing it from your cells just to move it through the system. Eating cooked chicken you need to replace roughly half the water by pulling it from your cells, creating chronic dehydration, which ultimately leads to pain, swelling, inflammation, cellular malfunction and disease conditions.
We also drain energy by overworking our digestive tract. Our digestive tract requires two essentials for proper, clean, and efficient elimination of waste: fiber and water. Our digestive tract is a muscle, it needs the fiber to grab onto so that foods move through the system. The digestive tract is also not a smooth surface but a rippled surface and the fiber sweeps along the sides eliminating waste that has gotten trapped in pockets. When you consume animal tissue it contains no fiber and not enough water so it gets glued to the sides of your digestive tract. This is why the average tissue eater has between 10 and 25 pounds of waste stuck in their digestive tract. This is also why “bodybuilders” (more aptly called body destroyers) develop bubble gut, the swelling of the abdomen behind the ab muscles that makes them look pregnant. That bubble gut and the “beer gut” and the woman’s distended abdomen, all of those are pounds and pounds of old putrefying waste stuck in the system. When you eat meat you are full of sh*t.
Next, let’s talk about the side effects of the breakdown of foods. Animal tissues begin the putrefaction process the moment the heart stops. As soon as an organism ceases life the bacteria in its system begins to break down the body to return it to dust. Part of the breakdown of protein is the creation of ammonia, which is what gives the carcass a foul odor. Refrigeration slows this process because the bacteria work slower in cold temperatures but the process does not stop. Cooking also does not stop the process. So anytime you are eating an animal tissue you are ingesting ammonia from the rotting tissues. This ammonia is a poison and so the body revs up its elimination processes to get the ammonia out as quickly as possible.
We often experience this as a jolt of energy and mistake our body under extreme duress for getting energy from the meat meal. On the contrary, this response is the same as the cup of coffee, cocaine, or any other poison being put into the body. The body is reacting to the poison akin to the red alert, all hands on deck of a ship under attack. The blood flow is quickened to rush new cells to the damaged areas and to carry away the offending proteins, water is flushed into the digestive tract to rush the poisons out of the body, further depleting the cells of water. After the poison is eliminated the body has far less energy to do anything else, including cleaning and repair work and muscle building.
The more we repeat this process the shorter our life becomes. Hence the “bodybuilders” regularly die in their 40’s and 50’s instead of 120 years or older.
If you want to live in pain, with low energy and constantly needing to stimulate your body with caffeine, salt, or other poisons then eat animal tissues and overwork your body. If you want to live pain-free, with abundant energy and maintain the ideal weight effortlessly and build muscle effortlessly then return your body to the natural human diet and begin to thrive.
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