December 12, 2022

Asking for a friend who wants...


Asking for a friend who wants to know why in her community in CA they have high (rare) cancer rates due to supposed nuclear waste accidents. A group of mothers from there also made a documentary that aired on tv. I don’t go down the nuclear waste rabbit hole so if anyone has insights on this or what could be triggering it.


Terrain answer:

Generally in these cases there is a source of industrial pollution. If you eat a SAD diet and your system is backed up with waste and then you are exposed through air, water, environment, diet to an industrial pollutant that comes into the body and the body cannot expel that due to the body being backed up with waste and low on energy, the body has no choice but to encapsulate that toxin in a tumor. The bodies first response to disease conditions is expulsion symptoms. When the body runs out of energy for expulsion symptoms or the body is too backed up/the lymph too dried out to move the toxins out, the body uses tumors and scar tissue to encapsulate the poison so it doesn’t damage any other cells in the area. The body will keep the toxin encapsulated until the body has enough energy to mount an expulsion.