December 21, 2022

B17/Apricot Seeds “cure” for cancer?

What’s the deal with B17/Apricot Seeds being marketed as a magic “cure” for cancer?
We have all seen advertisements for various natural “cures” for cancer and other diseases. But if we understand how our bodies work, then we know that cures can never exist. No “cure” will ever remove the cause and you never solve a problem by leaving the cause of the problem in place. You might be able to create some temporary suppression of symptoms or some temporary relief, but if the cause is still in place then the problem will continue to grow until the cause is addressed.
Firstly, nothing “fights cancer cells”. This is pure marketing misinformation, designed to keep people confused and sick. Cancer cells are created purposely by the body as a life-saving process and a response to a highly toxic internal terrain. You can read more about Cancer here:
Cancer is the 7th stage of disease progression. The only way to reverse Cancer is to remove the cause. Removing enough burden from the body to allow it to start to remove the acidic wastes which are trapped inside the body. These wastes are burning the cells and causing cellular malfunction thereby causing the body to create cancer cells as a survival mechanism.
The idea that B17, or seeds of any kind, “fight” Cancer stems from the Hunzas. The Hunzas live well into their 100-120’s walking miles each day and regularly procreate well into their 80’s. There is no heart disease, diabetes, or cancer in their society.
The people who wanted to profit off the fear of disease looked to the Hunzas for something that they could sell to the masses that would be a magic “cure”.
Every year for 3 months the Hunzas eat only Apricots from the Apricot harvest. This 3-month fruit fast allows their bodies to clean themselves and means that any dietary indiscretions through the rest of the year are easily remedied by the body during this time.
But selling a fruit fast to a public addicted to so many food drugs is not appealing nor profitable, so instead they took the study and said let’s analyze what we can profit off in their diet and then sell that to the public. So they dreamed up a new “Vitamin” and said this is the magic pill.
Diet change – a return to the natural human diet – is the only thing that reverses the internal conditions that lead to a diagnosis of cancer. The body is the only thing that can heal itself. In this example, the apricot (fruit only) fast of an extended period lifts the burden from the body every year and allows for cleaning and self-healing of the body to take place on a regular and consistent basis, leaving a clean inner terrain. The body can only heal itself when the CAUSE of the disease is removed and enough burden is lifted from the body and enough nerve energy remains to allow the body the energy to create expulsion symptoms to rid the waste from the body.
If we are continuously burdening the body with foods that are inappropriate to our physiology, then, disease conditions will continue to grow. If you keep tracking dirt into the floors of your house and never take the time to clean the floors, the quicker and dirtier the floors become. If there is more dirt coming in than you can clean daily, you will end up with an excess of dirt. If there are more inappropriate foods going in than the body can handle then you will end up with excess cellular waste.
If we take time periodically to take a break from putting in all the burdens – by water fasting or fruit feasting – we allow the body to do the work it needs to do to catch up on any backlog.
Cancer is not something attacking the body that needs poison to stop it. Cancer is a life-saving process initiated by the body to save itself from the toxic conditions that a diet of cooked foods, meat, and dairy products creates. Cancer is the solution the body puts in place to stop all of the cells from being destroyed by the backlog of waste inside the system. When we remove the cause of the backlog, the body can expel the waste, and then once the waste gets to a manageable level the body expels the cancerous cells and rebuilds with new healthy cells.
We cannot poison away cancer because cancer is the solution put in place by the body to deal with the poisons already present. Anyone selling a non-food or magic cure that involves putting something into the body instead of focusing on what to take away is selling a lie. Return to the natural human diet, hydrate, rest, and water fast, and let the self-healing, self-cleaning body do what it is designed to do.