December 19, 2022

Been dealing with weird blood tests all year


Been dealing with weird blood tests all year. Had a low white blood cell count and other markers that “showed” my body has been fighting an infection also been having been having chest pains and irregular heart beats. Been eating mainly raw mono meal for a couple weeks with an exception of one cooked vegan meal every other night. Been feeling alot better have alot of energy. And have not been as sore after physical activity. However ive Been super gassy and farting up a storm. Today I got an echocardiogram and they said I have regurgitation in one of my valves. I know medical diagnostics are not considered useful in this belief system but was wondering if any body has had similar issues while starting to transition?


Terrain answer:

Gas is pretty common as soon as the old waste starts getting hydrated. It starts moving into the flow of digestion and slowing down the fruits, which then start to ferment creating the gas. You can try more leafy greens, savory fruits and low sugar fruits and less high sugar fruits for a few weeks to minimize the fermentation while the old waste gets shifted out.
I’ve never dealt with regurgitation, but often when I fast I get heart rate changes. I’m not sure what the doctor means by regurgitation. If it is an issue with the heart valve that would be cellular damage, rather than symptoms of detox.
Heart murmurs heal on their own when the conditions of disease are removed, but it takes some time. This would be akin to scar tissue, causing a deformation of the valve and scar tissue takes some time to correct.