December 19, 2022

Bees the varroa mite outbreak


Any ideas on why this is happening to Bees, from a terrain perspective?

“58 of our hives getting destroyed tonight due to the varroa mite outbreak, (most of what we have.) The team from pests and diseases are here, they flip the hives upside down and place a cloth over the vent which is then soaked in petrol to gas them. The hives are then wrapped and sealed in plastic film and held for a month before being taken away for destruction. We will receive compensation but it’ll still be another 2 years before we get honey again if we start again from scratch and buy new hives.”


Terrain answer:

Without a deep investigation, it would be hard to pinpoint but we can make some assumptions based on common conditions. It appears this post is from a winery, which means they are probably bees being kept in a grape vineyard. Depending on the farmer grapes can be heavily sprayed with various poisons. Bees that live in an area that is being heavily poisoned with herbicides, pesticides, and inorganic fertilizers are going to have a poor terrain that would make them susceptible to mites, bacteria, and disease conditions.
It seems clear the people posting this have no issue with poisoning the environment as their plan to remedy the current situation is to poison the bees to death with petrol and then bring in new bees to poison a few years from now. So it’s not unreasonable to assume that they are using other poisons on their property that would lead to the bees living in poor conditions which would lead to parasites.