December 7, 2022

Below is a question which a gr...

Below is a question which a group member wanted to submit anonymously.
“I’m convinced in terrain theory. There’s a lot of solid evidence. I’ve looked a lot into the evidence that the CV “virus” has never been proven to be isolated either. But I have to share an experience which has me spinning. It has me stuck.
Ok, so let me start by saying I’ve had what would be considered as “colds” throughout my life, more so when I was younger and less health conscious. Obviously just detoxifications, if we’re aware of the terrain theory. BUT, not once had I ever lost my smell/taste for more than a day. But losing it was very rare with any cold I experienced, to begin with. Loss of taste/smell happened less than a handful of times out of the dozens of times I had colds when I was younger, and even then they were very short lived losses.
Well for Xmas of 2020, we gathered. We had a coughing person and two nurses in our family gathering group. Many of us started getting illness symptoms about 3-4 days later. (Chills, aches, fever, etc. Some of us had some symptoms, while others like myself had less symptoms.) The ones who became sick and actually tested, came back positive for the “CV.” My individual family group never tested because we don’t believe in those tests. Of course I thought of all the factors we all shared in common that would suddenly trigger a “cleansing” which would explain the seeming “spread” of a sickness – bad foods we ALL ate, how many of us gathered with a ton of cell phones (multiplying the radiation 15x higher than our bodies were used to,) experiencing higher stress from traveling, etc…
BUT, here’s the thing… It’s been nearly FOUR months, and I STILL can’t smell/taste more than 10%. I STILL cannot smell my son’s poopy diapers, even while changing them. Still can’t smell my husband’s farts, still can’t smell that awful smell of eggs cooking that I hated before, or anything disgusting for that matter… I even tried holding a poopy diaper open-face 3 inches from my face a couple of weeks ago and still couldn’t smell it!!!
So, if this were just a self detox/cleansing, why is this one SOOOO distinct? Why are SOOOO many people saying it took them months, even a year, to regain their smell taste? This has never happened before with any other “cold,” (as they’d call it) that I’ve experienced before. Why is this happening now? Why are our bodies suddenly doing this, when they’ve never done this before (for this amount of extended time?)”