December 12, 2022

Bipolar Disorder


I have a question to Lauren Whiteman .. What do you think is the root cause of Bipolar Disorder, or what kind of toxins cause this kind of mental problem? I know being depress is normal because of our toxic society but uncontrollable or severe depression is not normal.. It’s really a different story if the brain is being intoxicated, compared to other organs of our body, where we can easily control it, through change of diet, without using any toxic medications that will eventually worsen our condition.


Terrain answer:

Mental health issues are almost exclusively digestive system issues which is why so many of them are reversed so quickly on the return to the natural diet.
Anxiety, depression, manic episodes, ADD/ADHD, etc are all related to either the nerve response to irritants in the digestive tract or the natural bacterial colonies in our digestive tract being out of their normal healthful conditions.
Since the food we eat controls the bacteria the body creates and maintains and is also the source of irritation, correcting the diet allows both issues to be corrected. When the colonies can return to normal and the inflammation of the digestive tract and repeated injuries to the digestive tract stop, the mental health conditions quickly return to normal.