December 19, 2022



Hey ladies… I was wondering about bloat and if any of you experience it on an all fruit / leafy green diet?
I don’t really understand bloat or how happens in general… If anyone wants to enlighten me from a TM perspective me I’m really curious.
Lauren Whiteman


Terrain answer:

There are a few reasons a person might experience bloat:
1. Food Combining – mixing foods that don’t digest well can cause the faster digesting fruits to ferment while the slower digesting foods are still being digested. Fermentation causes gas which is what causes us to bloat.
2. Old waste – When the body starts to rehydrate old waste that old waste will start to enter the digestive tract and cause slow downs which leads to fast digesting fruits fermenting as they get stuck behind the slow moving waste. In this case increasing water intake and switching to more salads for a few days can help push out the old waste and clear the path again.
3. Unripe and overripe fruits- fruits that are eaten unripe are difficult for the body to digest and may start to ferment before the digestion has completed. Overripe fruits are already fermenting and will create gas and bloating.