December 12, 2022

Blocked tear duct


I have been dealing with a blocked tear duct for a long time now. I had surgery for this a couple of years ago. They put in a stent to open it, then took it out about a month or so later. Dr. also said I had a pebble size blockage in there that they removed. It seemed to work. I was raw back then, but didn’t know about Terrain Model. After reading the files, it looks like it might be from dehydration, which makes sense, as I know I don’t drink enough water. I do eat so much hydrating foods, though, and drink a couple to three liters of water a day.
My question is: how can I make this go away without having to have another surgery? And will it take a long time? Or is it like, I didn’t drink enough water today so it’s worse,and I drank enough water today so it’s better? I hope that makes sense. It waters most of the time, sometimes worse than others. It’s just so annoying and irritating.
It seemed to start happening soon after I had my cataract surgery.


Terrain answer:

It’s hard to say the exact cause, it could be old dry waste blocking things up. It could also be injury or inflammation from the surgery. Either way the body will try to repair it if we give it enough time, but there is no way to say how long that might be. It would depend on how many other things the body needs to heal, how much burden you have lifted with your diet improvements, how often you utilize fasting, how much rest you get, how hydrated you are staying, etc. If it is some old dry waste blocking and clogging the ducts then drinking more water will help to get the old waste out and the passages cleared.