January 5, 2023

Blood in cat urine


Blood in cat urine … ?? How can this be helped? Doesn’t drink a lot either …
Think this has been on and off ..shes had anti inflammatory in the past ..


Terrain answer:

What are you feeding?
We have set up a new dog and cat group here to discuss:
Blood in the urine is a detox symptom, but it is telling you that something about her diet is not right, unless you have recently changed her diet. Acidic waste coming out in the urine is going to burn and cause irritation and this is what causes the blood in the urine. Additionally, stones can cause irritation on their way out and that can also cause blood in the urine.
Correcting the diet and returning to the natural foods that are species-appropriate will allow the issue to heal quickly. Let’s move this conversation to the new group so we can keep the pet stuff all together in one place.