December 12, 2022

Blood sugar jumping after fast


Hello fruit people, please, help to understand. I just finished a 36 hour water fast (I had a harsh detox event in a form of a bad headache and some nausea, had no appetite, so I decided to fast until I felt hungry). My blood sugar this morning was 74, then I had three medium sized mandarins, two small apples, 1/3 of a small iceberg head and 150 grams of unfrozen peas, not cooked, just soaked in warm water. All of those I had within 2 hours (from 8 am to 10 am). And my blood sugar jumped to a completely new level where it was not in the last three months – 190. It is also not coming down as fast as it was during the last three months. Can someone please, explain why this has happened and what is exactly that I have done wrong to cause it. Thank you!


Terrain answer:

Peas are a starch. When they are combined with sweet fruits they can negatively affect the digestion of the sugars in the fruit. Starches should always be eaten separately from fruits. We have a book on food combining here: