December 19, 2022

Brain-eating amoeba?


This was on the news and just curious about this happening. Thanks

Caleb went swimming with his family July 1 at the Port Charlotte Beach Park. His aunt, Katie Chiet, says five days later, he got a fever — just before the family was heading out on a 19-day roadt?p.
“He started becoming disoriented and hallucinating, and they had to bring him here,”
Chiet said.
Doctors believe a brain-eating amoeba swam up Caleb’s nose and infected his brain, his family said. According to experts, 97% of people never recover from it.


Terrain answer:

Fearmongering. Our body has defensive systems that prevent such an occurrence. What is the child’s diet? How many poisons has the medical industry and his parents applied to his body?