January 2, 2023

Brain fog and crackling ears


Hi hope it’s ok to post!.
I’ve recently become very weak and tired with brain fog and crackling ears!. Ive also started having panic attacks and loss of memory!. I’ve had 2 blood tests which both said low folic acid. So I’ve been taking folic acid tablets and eating high folate foods and drinks!. But still no change since august and doctor doesn’t seem to be helpful!
Was wondering if there was anything else I can try?. As doctor just says I’ve got low folic acid and depression.
What would cause low folic acid and how can i change it!??.
Thanx in advance!.


Terrain answer:

We cannot correct deficiencies with supplements because supplements are inorganic minerals and the body requires organic minerals.
The first question needs to be what are you eating? Because diet is the cause and the cure for all disease symptoms. The further you are eating from the natural human diet the more disease conditions grow.
The natural diet is whole, raw fruits and tender leafy greens. The more you eat of your natural foods and the less you eat of the disease causing substances like meat, dairy, eggs, wheat, refined foods, etc, the faster the body can make repairs and heal.
Also, proper hydration can go a long way to helping the body eliminate symptoms. If we are eating only raw fruits and greens then our water goal should be around 1 gallon per day. If we are eating cooked foods we should double that. Start increasing your water intake slowly and work your way up over a few weeks.
As far as deficiencies are concerned the issue is far more often a lack of ability to absorb and utilize any material than a lack of supply. This is why people rarely see any improvement in a deficiency with supplements or trying to eat a lot of foods with that specific element. If the body is backed up with waste and not functioning properly then its not able to utilize the materials no matter how much we provide. Instead we need to address the back up of waste so the cells can get cleaned out and start working efficiently again. We do this by moving away from the disease causing foods and towards the health promoting foods – fruits and leafy greens.