January 6, 2023

Breath as a healing modality?


Has anyone looked into the breath as a healing modality? I’ve been practicing various pranayama techniques and apparently certain pranayama produce different effects in the body. Kapalabhati can heal anemia for instance and nasal pranayama produces nitric oxides which has a lot of benefits for the cardiovascular system.


Terrain answer:

Breathing is regulated by the body and is adjusted constantly to meet the needs of the body’s chemistry. We should not seek to interfere with the normal breathing rhythms which are being created and controlled by the body. The body is the best arbiter of what it needs and forcing abnormal breathing only overworks the body.

When we do breathing activities like those promoted by yoga we are creating the same negative effects as if we were taking a pharma drug to alter the chemical state of our body. We breathe deeply and/or rapidly and create euphoria, just like if we take heroin or drink alcohol. The euphoria is the body in distress, just like it is the body in distress when we ingest a poison.

These are harmful practices that open our bodies up to susceptibility to negative influences.

Let your body direct your breath, it’s creating breathing patterns based on its needs at the moment. If you have issues with shallow breathing then address the underlying cause – the bad posture, rather than trying to force the body into abnormal breathing patterns.


Group participants comments:

Learning how to breathe properly has been a huge part of my healing from chronic illness, even more than eating healthy food. I was a Health Coach doing all ‘the right things’ and ended up experiencing chronic illness. One can experience chronic illness, symptoms, poor health just by not breathing properly. When one is breathing shallow and fast, it activates the sympathetic system signalling the body in fight or flight. Your body cannot be in healing state at the same time as fight/flight. Not will your body digest and absorb nutrients properly. One one starts breathing properly and consciously, and constantly throughout the day, you will retrain/entrain your entire nervous system to be in a healing state all day long. Breathing properly also will bring proper oxygen into cells and allow improve body’s detoxing, detoxing cells, lymphatic system, etc. There is a correlation with avg breaths per minute and thoughts as the higher avg bpm, you will have more thoughts, racing mind = fight/flight where as slower avg bpm your mind will naturally be quieter and calmer. Breath is the Holy Spirit and infused with conscious, life force energy. With conscious deep breathing and daily meditation my avg bpm is about 5 bpm. I am sure before and when I was experiencing chronic illness, symptoms, my avg bpm was at least 18 bpm. The higher ones avg bpm, the shorter your life span is and will be instate of suffering. One can be eating the most healthy and nutritious foods and if not breathing properly, will not be at optimal health and wellbeing. In a short period of time, I was able to fully heal from chronic illness just by properly breathing and learning emotional intelligence along with trauma healing. My predominant state of being is joy, bliss and vitality…our natural state of being and our birthright I teach people all over the world how to do the same ❤

Breathwork can be incredible, it can help someone reach transcendental states of consciousness and help immensely with anxiety. Box breathing and alternate nostril breathing are amazing. I don’t get why these are said to be “bad” for us