December 12, 2022

Can a standard diet be attribu...


Can a standard diet be attributed to some degree of the mental health struggles people endure?
In light of recent events with the Texas school shooting, I started to wonder… “Could a crummy diet (or processed foods type diet) be causing chemical imbalances in the brain and body? Causing irrational behaviors and thoughts?” Could their be a connection?
I remember Columbine.. seeing the new coverage. I feel like it’s happening more commonly than prior to the shooting at Columbine.
Also, I’m not excusing the actions of the individual that was responsible for the death of children or school employees. Families affected by this tragic event have my deepest sympathy and compassion for the pain they’re suffering from. No parent should have to bury their children.


Terrain answer:

Absolutely. We are a whole organism, that which poisons the body poisons all parts of the body, the brain included. Emotions are a result of what we eat. They are created by what we ingest and they are the body communicating its level of distress. … See more