April 24, 2023

Can someone please give me some guidance on what I...


Can someone please give me some guidance on what I should eat an be feeding my kids. I’ve always thought I had a healthy diet till I joined this group. I’m eating everything that this group says is not for human consumption. I am fit an healthy with no health issues and I’m not over weight.
I do eat alot of fruit an Spinach but alot of things forbidden in this group also. It’s so confusing. Many thanks. Louise


Group participants comments:

Thankyou so much for all the comments. I’m overwhelmed.

Fruits +grass fed meat +raw milk +raw honey +eggs

Avoid grains, legumes and leafy greens.

You should join the monthly challenge group! It’s worth the price just for the recipes.

Sounds like you’re doing great, you’ve answered your own question. You’re fit and healthy. Why change anything? I’ve seen photos shared of some hard-core fruitarians and it’s frightening, they often look emaciated and haggard.

Don’t confuse yourself, just eat you think is right! As long as you don’t eat crap foods from fast food chains and many other artificial foods/beverages.. And of course, eat less/fast and don’t take any toxic supplements/drugs..

it’s simple. eat the fruits. lots of them. feed them to your babies too. genesis 1:29. drink water that is pure. spend time in nature stretch, and rest when your body wants it. eat greens if you feel called.

Scusa sono italianadove trovo cosa si deve mangiare?puoi allegarmi qui la lista così io posso tradurre facilmente adoro questo gruppo e non vorrei perdermi nullaGRAZIE❤

Ideally, we should avoid eating dying foods, animal fluids and by products, processed,cooked foods…

It can be a slow process, it’s difficult to just eliminate all cooked foods at once, but time is a beautiful thing! Fruit for breakfast, salads loaded with fruit and vegetables for lunch, snack on fruit and huge salad again for dinner with as many fruits and vegetables you can afford! I’m a bread and cheese lover so the struggle is real! It’s hard because my family does not want to live this lifestyle. I’m still eating cooked vegetables here and there and have been eating cooked beans because I’m 5”7 98lbs, I have never been able to gain weight due to hyperthyroidism so I’m still getting some protein in there.

I feed my child fruits and leafy greens. That’s it

“Disease is practically restricted to man and his domestic animals. Free animals are nearly always healthy, like the birds in the air and the fish in the water. The difference in living between man and free animals will give us the cause of disease. Free animals live in natural food and natural drink; man seldom likes natural food and drink, he prepares his food and drink.

Preparation of food means, practically, the application of heats to it or, in other words, cooking in all its different branches. Natural food does not want cooking, but is chemically changed, often killed by boiling temperature, whilst a great number of unnatural foodstuffs are made eatable and digestible by heat.

Cooked food is dead food. A diet full of dead material forces the body to great exertion in order to extract the few living particles, or to re-vivify those that can essentially yet be used, and thereby weakens the constitution, while, on the other hand, it must fill the body with useless material, often decomposed and poisonous, which we call waste matter.

Waste matter, the product of cooked food, is the cause of most bodily encumbrances and impeded bodily functions. Nature may for a time accommodate this waste matter, but then it has to work under difficulties, which are the symptoms of so-called chronic disease. As soon as the bodily functions cannot go on any longer under the daily increasing burden of waste matter, the process of life would come to a standstill, and dead would follow if Nature did not start a process of removing the waste matter. This process of burning off rubbish in order to enable the body to go on with the work of life is called disease.”

O.L.M. Abramowski, “Fruitarian Diet and Physical Rejuvenation”

Fire/ high heat destroys items. We thrive on natural foods (FRUITS only) that are not denatured and contain fiber hydration and fructose and many of us eat lettuces also but not dry large spinach leaves nor kale. The water rich lettuces are okay

In childbearing years the body detoxes regularly with colds flus and bleeding with menstruation. And with most people consuming cooked items eventually leads to more serious detox issues. With natural hygiene the organs get hydrated from fruit and by eliminating all the salt and cooked items and ladies experience little to zero pain with childbirth with no drugs.