October 13, 2022

can we talk about dark ear wax? I’ve looked all o...


can we talk about dark ear wax? I’ve looked all over the place for years and find nothing on it being abnormal.


Terrain answer:

The color of the earwax is a result of how dry and concentrated it is. If we are chronically dehydrated from eating cooked foods our eliminative fluids will also be dehydrated. The older the wax is the drier it will become and therefore the darker it will become. Ear wax is a good indicator of how dry the rest of our lymph system is. A person with a clean healthy system will have little to no ear wax and any they have will be thin and watery, easy flowing for proper elimination of any irritants or waste that might enter the ear or need to be transported out through the ears.


Group participants comments:

Richard Thomas per your pending post about olive oil and ear wax.
Please read Lauren’s comment.
I’m not quite sure what you were asking? Do you want to put it in your ear? Or consume it?
Either way, both options are wrong and unnecessary.

Is there a good, safe way to remove excess earwax? I’ve heard cue tips just push most of it back in.