December 19, 2022

Can you catch anything from another person?


Hi, I was talking to my friend last night about germ theory and she asked the question, can you catch anything from another person at all, if germ theory is not a thing. She follows Bruce Lipton and he apparently still referrers to virus’s as a thing. So it’s difficult for her to believe it completely and I haven’t done enough research on this to answer thus question with confidence, so I am asking the community if you can answer that question or send me some links to look at so I can understand it better. Many thanks.


Terrain answer:

No, we are completely empowered to control our health. It is the choices we make 3 meals a day which determine our health, how much our body needs to detox, what symptoms we will experience when we need to detox, etc. Nothing is forced upon us from the outside, it is what we choose to ingest that creates health or disease.


Not really though. It just appears that way because of confirmation bias. If someone smiles at us we are more likely to smile back at them, but this is a conscious decision, not something which is pushed upon us from without but a decision made of our own free will. Yawning brings us more oxygen. When we are tired we might see someone else yawning and remember semi-consciously or sub-consciously that yawning brings more oxygen to the cells and therefore more energy and so if we are tired we may employ this at this time but again, this is of our own free will and conscious, while the concept of contagion is that we are victims of an outside invading force.