December 12, 2022

Cat who is having blood in her urine


Question regarding care of a cat:
I have a two year old female cat who is having some blood in her urine and is urinating in places she’s not supposed to. Took her to the vet. The vet indicated it’s probably an anxiety driven thing, recommended keeping her on wet food only, making sure she drinks water, and spraying cat-mommy pheromone spray. Doing that. A week has passed. Symptoms persist.
So now the options presented are mainstream. Get a urinalysis done. If they find bacteria they will treat with antibiotics. I’m hoping to avoid that. My wife is not on the same page as me at all and wants to proceed. I need advice. Thanks!


Terrain answer:

Blood in urine is due to irritation – this could be from acid wastes alone or from stones. In either case the body is telling you that the diet is not right. In order to correct the issue long term the cat needs to be returned to its natural diet – which is lean raw meats. Raw chicken with bone – all skin and fat removed is the best option. You can also periodically feed other meats for some variety of nutrition, but chicken is the best option for the primary meat as it is the closest to a cats natural prey. Unless you can get mice or other smaller birds. Either way you want to remove as much fat as possible.