December 19, 2022

Child deaths, Streptococcus A


How would terrain theory explain the child deaths from strep A on the rise in the UK?


Terrain answer:

Poisoned bodies increase their bacteria. Strep is always present in the body, when the body has been poisoned the body creates more bacteria because there is more waste for the bacteria to work on.
Unfortunately for these children, if you poison an already poisoned body with ever greater poisons you will kill the person. Iatrogenic deaths are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. I would guess they are right up there in the UK as well. Side effects of antibiotics include death, side effects of vxs include death, side effects of cold and flu medications include death. Nearly anything you can get from the pharmacy has a black box warning on it that it may cause organ damage, organ failure, death or some similar destruction of the body.