December 12, 2022

Child fever


There was a discussion the other day on here that has me wondering a few things .
The question was a mom with a child and fever and what to do .
I wanted to stem from that a bit and ask a question(s) .
Hypotheticaly speaking –
A mom has a little one , let’s say around 10 months old presenting with low grade fever , runny nose/ congestion and cough . Cough is so bad baby has a hard time sleeping . Mom is nursing little one and baby gets a little solids , whole natural foods and sips of water or raw milk .
What should the proper protocol be for caring for said child ?
The other day the argument went back and forth . No food , water only , no meds , no nebulizer , no oils etc etc etc . I understand letting the body heal but surely you don’t starve the child ! And if they cough till vomiting and can’t sleep or has a hard time breathing , surely we would help relieve those by using a silver treatment or oils , because after all sleep helps the detox process .
If this were my little one , baby would get support to help . Just wanting more info to make informed decisions in the event I need to . Thank you .


Terrain answer:

The proper protocol is to remove the cause of the suffering.
The baby’s body is already creating healing symptoms to clean out the waste – the cough, fever, runny nose, etc are all the body taking action to remove the offending substances. The only thing we need to do is remove the burden which led to the symptoms arising in the first place.
You said raw milk – hopefully, you mean human breast milk, which is the only suitable food for a child of 10 months. If you meant milk from any other species then stop that immediately as that is toxic to the child and will create a huge burden on the body and will lead to mucus and fevers.
If a child is actively feverish, then providing anything other than water and rest is tormenting the child. Meds, nebulizers, oils, and all of the other poisons that would make a healthy body sick only extend the suffering the child goes through. The body is already cleaning, don’t add more poison for it to have to clean on top of the already present burden.
If they are coughing until they vomit, stop putting harmful things into the childs body and the coughing and vomiting will stop. This includes toxic breast milk from a toxic mother. If the mother’s diet is not in alignment with nature then the child suffers. If the mother is eating meat, drinking milk, eating cooked foods, eating herbs, eating spicy peppers and spices, eating salt, all of that goes into the breastmilk and makes the child have to suffer through the consequences of the mother’s dietary indiscretions. In the case of a 10-month-old, this also includes any foods outside of healthy mother’s milk. The child’s digestive tract has not developed fully until the teeth are present to chew fully.
Silver treatments are putting toxic heavy metals into the body in order to suppress the body’s own healing symptoms and stop the cleaning processes. Poisoning the body with silver only assures that the child is being put on the path to chronic disease and cancer later in life. Most people are deeply concerned about putting heavy metals in via vx and air pollution, water pollution, drugs, etc but then voluntarily poison their body with colloidal silver as though voluntary ingestion makes a poison less poisonous. It makes no sense at all.
A child going without food for 24-48 hours is not starving. That is an absurd notion. A child being force-fed when their body is screaming that it is overwhelmed and overburdened is just cruel, plain, and simple.
It’s understandable to want to support their body as a mother but adding to the body’s already present burdens can never be a support to the body. You cannot poison a body back to health. When the symptoms come the body has already been poisoned. The symptoms are the body working to eliminate the poison. Adding more poison at this time to stop the symptoms is the opposite of helping. In fact, it is the fact that parents force more harmful things into the child at the first sign of cleaning that leads to the horrible mucus that tortures the child.
If you feed a cold you will have to starve a fever. If you feed a fever, you will have to fight pneumonia. Feeding only extends suffering. It doesn’t matter if it is a child or a full-grown adult. The symptoms are the body being in a state of overwhelming waste, adding to that burden is adding to the burden and extending the time that they are suffering.
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