December 12, 2022

Child red spot on the back


This is my 5mo baby. He had this red spot on the back of his neck since birth. I had a C-section. A few Pediatricians explained it weirdly and I don’t trust pediatricians so I wonder what this is and why it is there?


Terrain answer:

It is impossible to say exactly why but most likely there was some skin injury at time of birth which lead to the blood vessels in that area being irritated and inflamed. It could also be a fungus that is working on the waste present in the babies body. If our diet is not perfect during pregnancy then the child absorbs our waste and they spend the first few years expelling it. Either way if the child is breast fed and your diet is clean and then the child is transitioned on to the natural human diet after weaning the body will heal all including any rashes, scars or inflammation.
Have you read Shelton’s book on the Hygienic care of children? It is a great resource for all mothers