December 12, 2022

Childhood vaccines


Hi, as I’m learning I have so many questions. But one in particular is about childhood vaccines.
Most of us followed blindly( well, I did, and know many others who did), and listened to our drs about these vaccines.
My question is , with all the problems we see in children, from behavioral to mental, to physical issues, what are the causes of these?
Is it the vaccines, their toxic food intake, one more so than the other, or equally poisonous to our bodies.
Can you heal from past vaccines in one’s body by eating the species appropriate diet for us, or is some damage done, and not reversed?
I see many people have children who are autistic, or have other disabilities that I do not know how to label, but does the poor diet also contribute to their disabilities and what is going on with them on the inside, or has the brain already been damaged from the drugs that they got from the vaccines, and it is more from vaccines rather than food.


Terrain answer:

Disease is never just one thing. It would in a way be much better if it was because instead of abusing ourselves daily in many different avenues we would be able to rapidly see the results of our poor dietary choices and would be less likely to become addicted to the things which harm our bodies the most. But unfortunately for us our bodies have a wide range of tolerance and a vast array of detox and repair processes that allow us to indiscriminately poison the body up to a point. Injecting foreign matter into the body is definitely a contributing factor, causing much cellular damage upon contact, but typically injection injuries are acute injuries and eventually the body will repair them. Some however can be longer lasting.
The issue with children today is not just one thing, it is that they are being burdened with mistake after mistake, starting life with either a mothers breast milk that is toxic because the mothers diet is toxic or worse, or starting life with formula. Then we inject them with foreign matter over and over again causing repeated injury to the body and inflammatory responses and possibly depositing metals into the body which cause interference in the normal operation of cells. Then we transition the child off the toxic milks and on to a high protein diet of cooked foods. Then we introduce the child to refined sugars and food coloring which damage the body often by their 1st birthday – in celebration of their first year of life we give them a massive dose of poison. Then when the child’s body tries to clean itself in response to all of these poisoning attempts we turn to drugs and antibiotics to stop the body cleaning symptoms. We repeat this over and over again throughout the child’s life and then we wonder why the child is sick mentally or physically.
Its not the one thing, its the daily diet plus the drugging and injecting as well as the working against the body when the body starts to clean out all of the diet and drugging issues.