December 12, 2022

Chronic watery diarrhea


A good friend of mine once gave me a list of things that compromise our health.
1 Unresolved past traumas,
2 Negative harmful thoughts,
3 Sustained high level of stress,
4 Lack of rest (sleep and down time or idling),
5 Lack of movement
6 Poor diet and not hydrating
He didn’t number it like I have done here, and I don’t think he intended it to be in any sort of order of importance, but I would argue, well, not argue, maybe debate, that this is actually in order of importance.
I’m not saying #6 doesn’t matter, but I can tell you first hand this year that #3 & #4 together can put you on your back so to speak.
Also, if you’ve got no issues with #1 to #5 then I bet you could get away with many bad diet choices and still be healthy.
It seems to me many people, myself included, can sometimes easily get hung up on, for example; how long it’s been since they ate an orange because they want to eat a banana and we shouldn’t combine acid fruit with sweet fruit and oranges take 30mins to digest. (Unnecessary stress)
Or another example, I drank a glass of water from a Berkey filter instead of reverse osmosis. (Thinking negative thoughts about the effect that drink will have)
To a certain extent, we’d probably get a great mental health benefit from just chilling out and having a slice of chocolate cake once in a while.
Or maybe I’m just making excuses for some dubious life choices as we approach holiday season.


Terrain answer:

I do agree though, there is no reason to stress eating a banana too soon after an orange. Some people get way to obsessed with the food combining and digestion times. It’s a guideline, your tummy will tell you if you are eating something too close an … See more