December 19, 2022

Colds after birthdays, detox


So our family all have colds. We’ve had 6 birthdays in the last 30 days So it’s no surprise we got sick.
My question is this, by trying to suppress symptoms we are stopping the detox process, right? So do we just let our little ones ride out the symptoms? Coughing and snot being the top symptoms.
Can we do detox baths, zeolites, lemon water, milk thistle… Things that support detoxing?
We need to figure out something else for birthday season next year that’s for sure!


Terrain answer:

There are no products that support detoxing. The only way to support the body detoxing is to fast. The body does all of the work. There are no substances which work upon the body, the body must work upon all substances. So the more stuff we put in, on and around the body the more work the body has to do and the less energy it has available for detoxing. The fastest way through cold detox symptoms is to abstain from eating, sip water and get lots of rest. Once we start doing baths, putting in herbs or minerals we are adding to the burden that the body has to eliminate. A hot bath requires the body to work harder to regulate temperature, same with saunas, this overworks our cells. Zeolites, milk thistle are both mild toxins if taken internally, which would again add to the burden on the body and make the body work harder, leading to less energy available for the body to clean itself.


Herbs do not support the body in any way. They are mild toxins which create symptoms, which some confuse with assisting the body. The body does all of the cleaning. The body acts upon the herbs, the herbs do not act upon the body. Herbs simply add additional burden to the body. We have a detailed lesson on herbs here:


Connections to emfs is purely coincidental, confirmation bias created by people who push the idea that normal bodily detox processes are diseases. Detox is a natural body process that occurs when we overwork the body, primarily through dietary indiscretions.