January 2, 2023



I’ve been learning more about plant based collagen supplements from numerous people these past couple weeks, and I learned from a post how our body produces collagen on its own, and as we get older our bodies produce less of it, so my question is… is this like every other supplement out there, it’s toxic, doesn’t absorb well in the body? And what can one do to increase collagen as you get older?
How do you know if you lack collagen in your body? I’d love to share some info as I learn more about it.


Terrain answer:

It’s not really that as we get older we don’t produce it, it’s that as we get more toxic we produce less because everything is working less efficiently and the body has a dwindling supply. Collagen is made by the body when we ingest silica. Only collagen created by the body out of silica in organic form (from plants) can be used by the body. We cannot ingest collagen in its collagen form and expect it to be useful to the body. It’s just another burden. We were just discussing this topic in the Terrain Diet Support Group and another member posted a great comment which I am going to copy below. Cucumbers, Bananas, and leafy greens are all abundant in silica. Staying properly hydrated also helps, since most people aren’t losing collagen as much as they are just severely chronically dehydrated.