December 19, 2022

Conjoined twins, one keeps getting sick while the other doesn’t


Hi, curious to know how terrain modelists would explain this fascinating case? Conjoined twins who share organs, but one keeps getting sick while the other doesn’t.


Terrain answer:

The body expels through the areas of most weakness. When you have a serious deformity during the gestation period that creates two people growing together there is going to be weak tissues and deformations somewhere in the system where the body is going to target to use to expel waste.
Often one twin will be weaker than the other and through those weaker tissues the disease conditions of each will be expelled.


A note for new readers German New Medicine is in opposition to Terrain Model, promoting the idea that we can think or feel our way into disease and out of disease, in complete opposition to how our cells work and in complete opposition to what emotions are.