December 12, 2022

Consultations We have had nume...

We have had numerous requests over the last year to offer consultations and classes on the Terrain Model and Natural Human Diet. The admins of the group Nat Farris, Alexandra Kenny and myself are now offering consultations and coaching services. If you are interested in getting a consultation you can book them on our joint calendar here:
Fasting consultations will be offered by Nat Farris
Hygienic diet coaching and transition consultations will be offered by Alexandra Kenny
Personal and Pet Consultations will be offered by myself
Further details can be found on our Consultations page
As always we will continue to offer free resources to the group. Nothing will be changing in the group. These services are available to those who wish to have a more comprehensive and detailed assessment of their personal health concerns then can be offered in a group setting and for those who wish to discuss more personal matters outside of a public setting.