December 7, 2022

Continuing our conversation fr...


Continuing our conversation from yesterday on the destruction of the diseases lie…
One disease, Toxemia/Acidosis manifests into thousands of different symptoms.
These symptoms are of two different types.
The first type is the expulsion symptom. These are used when waste levels first become overwhelming to the body. When the normal elimination channels become backed up, either because of dry sticky mucus gumming up the works or simply based on an excessive amount of acids coming in (like a high protein diet) or taking drugs.
Depending on the nerve energy the body has available to it these symptoms can range from coughing, sneezing or “flu”, to acne, skin rashes/eruptions, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. anything that is pushing waste out of the various elimination channels.
These are your expulsion symptoms and they are the first warning signs of disease building within.
The second stage is the disease building stage and there are 7 levels to disease (see graphic below The 7 stages of disease). When the body is unable to eliminate waste fast enough, or when the expulsion symptoms are stopped with “remedies” then chronic disease starts to build. The acid level in the body becomes greater than the body can eliminate and then the body must switch over into protective modes like inflammation and pain. If we continually suppress the inflammation and the pain or leave the cause unaddressed then eventually we reach the stages of ulceration, induration and then the final stage is Cancer.
Once we reach that 7th stage it becomes very difficult to heal because the body has been so drained of nerve energy and is in such a toxic state that sometimes the damage may be irreparable.
But the good news is, that we never need to reach those higher disease states if we are just willing to listen to our bodies and head the warnings when our body speaks to us. If we are getting those colds and flus, let them flow but also address the diet so you can start alleviating the burden on the body. If you are no longer getting those colds and flus but have moved on to inflammation, lumps, bumps, growths, pains, joint damage, itching, swelling of the hands or feet, headaches or any level of chronic disease then it is time to get the Terrain Clean yesterday. Get to work right away on correcting the dietary indiscretions and getting those acids out before it is too late.
Eat Fruit and Be Well My Friends.


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