December 19, 2022

Covid Toe


Question for Lauren:
How do you account for massive increase in specific phenomena like “C0^!D Toe”?


Terrain answer:

Well first I would ask where are you getting the data to support a massive increase in a common symptom?
Second, swollen toes is common in diabetics, people with gout, can happen after injuring a toe, its common in peripheral vascular disease, could be athletes foot or edema to name just a few. Basically anyone who is sick enough to get detox symptoms could have swollen, red toes.
Third, just like the proposed menstrual symptoms that people were mass reporting, any time there is a suggestion that a symptom is related people come out of the woodwork and start blaming their gouty toes on CV detox instead of the ham sandwich they ate for lunch. Give the masses a symptom of a made up disease and they will self report. The pHarma industry knows this quite well which is why they have commercials on tv everyday saying “Do you have X,Y,Z common symptom? It could be fill in the blank disease. Talk to your doctor about our latest poison pill” Tell the masses that something means something and they will come begging for treatment.
Plus, eat your way into diabetes or heart disease or gout you don’t get a lot of sympathy, but catch Cv toes and suddenly you are a victim of some irresponsible non mask wearing, non injection submitting to miscreant. Not your fault, not your responsibility, plus tons of sympathy and commiseration. People want to belong.


Yes, also animal fats and plant fats like nuts, seeds and avocado can interfere with the body expelling uric acid.